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Welcome to Shiny Things, a Diablo III clan (US region).

Shiny Things is a Diablo III clan whose focus is achievements.  If you're looking for a fun group of people who can get things done as well, I hope you'll enjoy it here.  Please join us on the forums for Diablo III discussion!

Quick and Dirty FAQ

Q: What are achievements in Diablo III like?

There are many kinds of achievements, from obvious ones requiring you to max all classes, to skill-orienting ones like defeating hell in an hour, to fun ones like killing 30 mobs in one blow.  Here's a list, warning, spoilers!:

Q: What kind of activities does Shiny Things organize?

A: We facilitate all activities that give achievement points.  Turn to your guild mates for leveling partners, inferno runs, PVP Teams, and more.  We have a messageboard and ventrilo for coordination.

Q: Why should I join?

Since Diablo III isn't built around guilds like MMOs, Shiny Things is more of a community than an old-style guild.  Read our message boards, talk with us on vent, and most important, slay demons with us in Sanctuary.  Since Diablo III players can play with any players in their region, membership in Shiny Things shouldn't and won't prevent you from gaming with your other friends.  Better yet, invite them into vent!
If you love achievements, Shiny Things wants you! Participate in our forums discussions to be eligible for membership when Diablo III launches. Post-launch, membership requirements will change.
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